Tango stories

Everyone has their own story of what tango means to them. Here are some of the experiences of people coming to Tango Essence..

I am definitely not a ‘natural’ dancer, but the patience and encouragement which Paul and Philippa keep offering me seem inexhaustible and allow me to explore and improve many aspects of myself, not least my ability to move to music and deeply connect with different dance partners. I find that during the class all other worries and concerns that occupy me during the week just seem to disappear for a little while – for a few hours there is only ‘Tango’. And it is such a great bunch of people coming to this class, a real mixture, and yet everyone somehow fits in and contributes to the group. I would unreservedly recommend it to anyone, including those who think they can’t dance – you might surprise yourself! “


”I’d been wanting to learn tango for years – but the first year of learning was quite tough for me! I have good musicality skills but couldn’t use them properly until I had a firm foundation in basic tango movement and structure. Now I can really express my musicality – the thing I love and enjoy most about tango is the heart-to-heart connection with another person, and sharing that connection through the music. Tango is a great joy in my life and my social circle is now the best it’s ever been!”


”Our first encounter with Argentinian Tango was in the Taliesin Theatre just over two years ago. It was nothing like the flashy showy stuff with kicks like on ‘strictly’. It was beautiful. The traditional live music was wonderful. The couple who were dancing had a wonderful fluidity and connection with each other. We were really moved and at the end of the performance we were given a card….’Come and learn Argentinian Tango in Swansea’ What a lovely idea. The card was put somewhere when we got home. Months later our youngest child left home to start university. For the first time in 20 years it was just the two of us. We looked at each other (possibly slightly nervously! ) and thought we really needed to do something new together. We found the tango card and went to our first lesson. Oh joy! We were hooked from the start. We have barely missed a lesson since and what we have learned, from teachers we have come to realise we are very fortunate to have, we have learned together as a couple, and together with a wonderful group of new friends. We love to dance, we know we have a long way to go and are looking forward to that journey. We’ve started to dance further afield from time to time and have come to realise that we are privileged in the teachers we have. They really focus on the fundamentals of a good connection , musicality and ‘the walk’. You don’t find that everywhere!  Our only regret is that we didn’t start sooner.”


”I’d always liked the idea of dancing tango, and then two years ago I just turned up at a drop-in class run by Paul and Philippa……and I was hooked! It was great fun with a lovely bunch of friendly people. I soon realised that there are many different styles of dancing tango and for me, traditional salon-style tango as we do in this class is an art form which i absolutely love! As with any skill there are essential fundamentals which build a foundation, giving me the opportunity to experience the delight of this improvised tango which i can enjoy at milongas anywhere in the world. Having 6 months of Alexander technique lessons with Philippa has also helped our dancing enormously”