Events with Tango Roots



Tango Essence collaborates with and supports Tango Roots in bringing top quality tango teachers to Swansea. Tango Roots was set up by Annalise to support and grow social tango in the Swansea community, and to share this passionate and connecting dance to open minds and hearts. To book for any of the events below you can contact Annalise at

Annalise has loved dancing since she was 3 years old. She started learning tango with Tango Essence and fell in love with tango at first dance. Since then she has travelled frequently throughout Europe to top international tango events where she has gained valuable experience, learning with a wide variety of high quality teachers as well as practicing her skills over hundreds of hours on the dance floor. Recently she has been studying with Joël Rodrigues and practicing with regular dancer partners in Paris. In 2017 she taught several workshops in Germany and also made a teaching debut in Tango Taboe Camp alongside top teachers such as Murat Erdemsel and Agustin & Natalia.

February 14th-21st & June 28th-July 7th 2019

Joël Rodrigues

We’re delighted to be having further visits from this very popular teacher. Joël Rodrigues has been teaching Argentine tango for nearly 10 years, with the last 5 as a full-time professional. He is a highly creative dancer and teacher who has the exceptional ability of combining the technical finesse from Europe with the passion from Argentina. He has had three previous visits to Swansea and his previous classes and private lessons were much enjoyed and appreciated by all who came, so don’t miss this opportunity! Join us for workshops, practicas, an evening milongas and private lessons. Details to be announced.