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Argentinian Tango Classes in Swansea


No class on April 17th, see our events page for special class on April 24th!

Classes are on Wednesdays at Holy Trinity Church, Parkway, Sketty SA2 8JQ, from 7.00pm-8.30pm, followed by a practica till 10pm. Cost for the class and practica is £6.

We don't have separate beginners and improvers classes, as we find the best way to learn is in a mixed group. Dancers of many years experience always need to continue refining the basics of walking, embrace and good technique, and beginners are helped by dancing with people more experienced. So we start the class at a level suitable for all, including new beginners, and gradually progress in complexity and challenge. This way we can adapt each class depending on the abilities of those attending. Beginners can follow for as long as they wish, and continue then to practice and consolidate more basic skills if they find the new material too demanding.

There's no need to bring a partner, we encourage people to change partners through the class as tango is a social dance. You'll need wear soft shoes with a sole which allows pivoting, if you don't have anything suitable then socks will do.